North Carolina Murals

The Charlotte art scene is massive and vibrant, and the city is packed with numerous murals and sculptures. There are many resources for self-guided tours including  The Axios Definitive guide to 70+ Street Murals Mapped and Uptown Charlotte Mural Tour-Clio . The tours take you through notable neighborhoods, revealing fascinating murals  that celebrate the city’s history, culture, and local art scene. Each neighborhood has a variety of murals like Uptown has the Technicolor Portal and the UNCC Tragedy Mural by John Hairston Jr. & Mike Wirth. The mural is a  memorial of the  school shooting on the uncc campus on April 30, 2019 resulting in the tragic deaths of  Elis Parlier and Riley Howel and 4 other wounded victims. In  the South End there is the mural of Mother Nature by Rosalia Torres Weiner that honors a local non profit Friendship Trays that provides subsidized meals to people in need . Plaza Midwood has many murals including Womanhood by Georgie Nakima at Salon 1226– Part of the 2018 Talking Walls Festival. “A visual homage to all that is strength, resilience and womanhood. And of course there is the arts district No Da which has countless  murals including on Osirus Rain and the Big Trouble Collective on N.Davidson St. 

Visit the Queen City and enjoy all the street art.


Durham Murals


Durham’s mural scene is robust and dynamic, and its murals speak to the city’s history, culture, and future. Discover Durham offers The Best of Bull Self-Guided Tour maps 20+ murals in downtown.  You get to see  murals that celebrate black history and culture like the Durham Civil Rights Mural and the Little Brother by Darius Quarels as well as the Durham Blues Legends by Cameron Kramer.  You’ll come to understand the value of murals and street art in the Durham community, and its importance in the revitalization of neighborhoods.


Asheville’s art scene is unique and eclectic, and its street murals are no exception. The city is known for its bohemian, artistic atmosphere, and art communities like the River Arts District.  The Asheville Mountain Mural tours is the only fully guided urban art tour  offering both a  bus or walking option that allows you to  come face-to-face with murals and graffiti culture.You’ll learn about the creators’ stories and inspirations, local history, and the community businesses that have made Asheville a national tourist destination.There are many fabulous murals in the city including Dolly Parton and Ru Paul, Triangle Park, The Daydreamer, and the Lexington Avenue Gateway Murals.


Krista Stearns

Krista Stearns is a long-time resident and entrepreneur in Asheville and is grateful to live in a city with so much art and amazing outdoor adventures. In 2016, Stearns and her family traveled throughout South America. One of the highlights...

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Walking Foundy Tour

Join us on a walking tour of the Foundy in the River Arts District where we learn about the artists that have worked to create an unforgettable street art experience.

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